Review policy!

Thank you for reading this page!

– I like blogging poses, clothes and accessories, but also furniture and buildings.

– Send all the objects in-world to Astralia Resident.

– Please give me also the url of your mainstore and your brand logo full perm, so i can put them in my blog home page.

– I try to do 2-3 posts a week, but sometimes i have rl issues.

I blog what I like, so if you don’t see in my posts some of your itmes it’s because they are not in my style or i don’t find the right mix and match to blog them (Don’t make it a personal matter, really!).

– I have many brands to blog, so I need at least a week before posting your stuff. Anyway there can be exceptions and i can post your items before 7 days.

– I love events, so I’m happy to join as blogger. Contact me in-world for all the info!


That’s all!

Thanks again, Astralia Resident.



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