magic box challenge

This challenge has been for Astralia the research of uniqueness, trying to combine the creativity on the multiple brands she is wearing in a single and amazing creation. An elegant outfit, with a touch of modern taste. The skirt is made by her (assembling each rose manually) using the dress decoration of “Serena Gown” by Celestinas. Also the earrings are from this brand. The back part is created using the “Big Dipper Fascinator” by Chop Zuey. Dress and leggings are a combination of two different outfits branded Dot-Be. As fourth brand there is Moondance, that provided the amazing ring Astralia is wearing.

From the designers boxes they gave us:
The Big Dipper Fascinators (chop zuey)
Moondance Jewels Angel of My Heart ring (Moondance)
.:(CW):. Serena Gown decoration (Celestinas)
.:(CW):. Trinity Gown Mesh Earrings (Celestinas)
Dot-be Enrica outfit leggings (Dot-be)
Dot-be Belle mini dress 2 (Dot-be)

Other items:
Love Tango Set – Chop zuey
.:EMO-tions:. * SHELLY * Hair


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