According to myth Arianrhod was the most powerful daughter of Danu, the great mother goddess of sky. Arianrhod’s face and skin was diaphanous and mysteriously beautiful as the moon, since she was the goddess of universe and planets. Her job was to lead the souls of the departed to her castle and while this was happening people could see the aurora borealis or northern lights. The dead were waiting that the Silver wheel of Arianrhod turned: it could give them the opportunity to be born again and live a new life. To represent this beautiful creature I’ve decided to wear the amazing Adele Cloud gown by Miamai, exclusive of FFL. Also from the event i’ve used a nail polish by MUA, a silver eyeshadow by Slack girl and an amazing hat by Baboom. Thanks for helping me to bring to life a goddess so beautiful and mysterious with your amazing creations, which help the founds rising against cancer as well!

♥ ♥ ♥


FFL items:
{MUA} – Slink Nails HUD – Mirror (MILAN SIM)
::SG:: Laine Eyeshadow (MILAN SIM)
Miamai_Adele Cloud (FFL exclusive) (BERLIN SIM)
Baboom Headpiece-white flame (PARIS SIM)
Other items:
*VoguE* Diamond Make Up Series 004a
.:EMO-tions:. * AQUARIA 2* B+W-pack
+ Hagoromo Pack + {aii}
Eclectica ‘Enchantment’ Jewellery-mountain rocks
Madrid Solo- Mesh Glitter Mask
Madrid Solo -Lip Designs- Facade Lips
:: 2Xtreme :: flying owl
[HoA] 11 Planets in 1 
Bahamut’s Grace + Silver

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