The Hipster side


♥ ♥

On Astralia:

Dress: Ghee Sweater Dress Suffragette Stripe [The Hipster Fair 2015] NEW!
Boots: ghee SS15 Canvas Boots [The Hipster Fair 2015] NEW!
Polish: ghee Essential Nails (SLINK) BOTTLE PINK LADY
Tights: ghee 60s mod pink tights
Shades: Elysium – Carly sunglasses – olive [L’accessoires] NEW!
Hair: Vanity Hair::Flirt(2)-Light Reds
Flower hat: *LODE* Head Accessory – Peony Double [pink] [Chapter Four] NEW!

Sitting on: ghee mono floral Lunchbox [The Hipster Fair 2015] NEW!

The Hipster Fair is already running! …Make sure to grab this cool items before 15th February. After this date you will find them at –> GHEE MAINSTORE!

ghee SS15 Canvas Boots come with this HUD to customize them:


Elysium – Carly sunglasses give you different texture and metal options:


Ghee Sweater Dress is also available in other versions:


…Enjoy all of them!


[How to realize an animated GIF with PhotoshopCS6]

♥. Open your pictures is photoshop [screen]

♥. Put them all in one file on different layers [screen]

♥. Make the timeline visible. Window -> Timeline [screen]

♥. What you see now is the first gif frame.

♥. You can set the duration of all the frames you have clicking under the frame preview in timeline! It’s better to set it directly when you create the first frame, so all the new ones will be with the same setting. [screen]

♥. Create the second frame [screen]

♥. Hide the first visible layer. This will be your second frame. [screen] 

♥. Repeat this operation for all the layers you have. [screen]

♥. At this point the gif is ready and clicking on play (on the timeline) you will able to see the preview. [screen]

♥. If you want to add static items (as the logo and the text) you can add them of frame 1 and they will be added to all the frames.

♥. It’s time to save your work. Go on File -> Save for Web. You can here resize your gif. [screen]

♥. Decide the folder where the gif will be saved and add a name.

Your gif is now ready to be shared! 😀


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