Sexy West!

FeroshSS2014_ModernWestern_Astralia_Picture1 Boots: MotoBoots by COCO, Hair: Cowboy Hat Minami by Argrace, Dress: Freak Em’ by Rebel Gal, Collar: Voodoo by PFC, Bag: Super Fringe Crossbody by Layover, Chair: Talisman Chair by Stockholm and Lime


Hat: Westton by Barerose, Top: Westton by Barerose, Shorts: Cheeky shorts blue by Pixicat, hair: Nana by Wasabi Pills, boots: Westton by Barerose.


Leggings: Yama Gold by Emery, Collar: Philippines Heroine by Champagne, Hair: Reptilia by Wasabi Pills, Bracelet: Gysp by Modern Couture, Arm bracelet: Lua by Vive nine, Rings: Midi rings by Luxury, Top: Rashida leather by Severed Garden, Earrings: Huge feathers earrings by Glow studio, Make up: War paint black by Katatonik.


Shoes: Chanel stilettos red by Shey, Hair: Jane by RA, Balloon: Heart balloon by Vespertine, Lipgloss: Mygloss Cherry by Natzuka, Bracelets: Vert Evelyn by Pure Poison, Shorts: Jeans Minishorts classic by Ricielli, Necklace: AlexV collar by Foil, Earrings: Lion earrings by Swallow.

Read FEROSH here:


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