About mesh heads (TUTORIAL)


Mesh head by The Shops (applier by New faces) / F I N E S M I T H Nina earrings (recolorhunt) / *Milk* Hair~ Oriental Buns *Black*

How to buy a “The shops mesh head” in 10 easy steps!

I’ve decided to write this tutorial because yesterday night i spent more than 4 hours fighting with the The Shops hud. I know that “buying a demo” can seem stupid, but it’s not that easy finally. I was so confused and asking around I discovered that many of my friends had the same problem.

1) Go here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Shops/128/128/2
Get the folder “TheShops! Huds & More” by clicking on the wall this sign:


2) Teleport to “Mesh project” platform and wear  “The Shops! SHOP (Hud) v.31b”.


3) Click the mesh head images on the wall (you can decide if trying the basic model or the one with facial expressions).


4) Once you clicked on your screen should appear this menu:


5) choose the model you like and just click “Try me” on the hud. You’ll get a folder with the demo, wear the alpha and the demo of the head.

6) Now DON’T detach “The Shops! SHOP (Hud) v.31b”, but click the “X close” button on the hud (up right). Now the interface is minimized and you’ll see just the icon on the left corner of your screen with The shops logo.

7) Teleport back to the landing point and go to the “The skin shop” platform, where skins are sold.


8) Click on the wall “Shop for women” sign (making sure you have still the “The Shops! SHOP (Hud) v.31b” worn and minimized.


9) This is what should come up on your screen, a menu with all the faces available by The shops.


Choose one, then on the new page of the hud select the tone you prefer and click on “TRY ME!””. The texture will load on your mesh head demo. You will get also a folder with the skin for the body.

10) Buy your mesh head, simply going back to the mesh project platform wearing the “The Shops! SHOP (Hud) v.31b” minimized (“X close” after trying the skins on the demo head). Click again the vendor of the mesh heads on the wall to load (as we did before) the mesh heads models page. Press BUY on the one you like and previously tested..and you are now a mesh head owner! (Same process to buy the skin as well, but instead of “try me!” press buy)


How to increase you credit balance: in all the platforms of “The shops” mainstore you’ll find on the ground or on the wall this sign below. Select the amount you want and pay the vendor.



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