So finally the moment has arrived!

Welcome to the “JANUARY 2014 ASTRAWARDS!”

Best male and female model of the month

Paradox Messmer!

There is just one winner this month, because has been a quite period with no much around. This month has distinguished himself by passing the Radar and Versus castings as the only boy, so I’ve decided that he is the best male model of January.

Best stylist of the month


Well, no much words for her, that is my idol. I’ve seen this picture on her flickr and I was impressed! CLICK HERE

Best blogger of the month

Vida Lyric!

Her posts are simply amazing, I love the layout but also the way she mixs the items. She in January did such beautiful posts, cool and stylish. VIDACONSTYLE BLOG

Best Magazine issue of the month


This wonderful new magazine of design, directed by Ricomar and Editorial Clarity. I really appreciated the attention to details, refinement and also the community created around this new project. JANUARY ISSUE

Best photographer of the month

Marcopolo Oh!

I have no words to describe the beauty of his more recent Graphic works, they left me ebsolutely speachless. The definition of the images, but also the simplicity that makes them marvelous. Take a look to his FB pictures!

Best picture of the month

Julie Hastings!

Perusing the special issue of Style kingdom I noticed this amazing photo that Julie took. Something wonderful and unique. I like the idea, I like the realization, I love her, I love the colors, I love it all! The picture is at page 37 –> STYLE KINGDOM SPECIAL

Best monthly Event ♚

The Season Story!

After going around, because events are my passion and my drug, I’ve decided to reward The Season Story for the variety of very high quality mesh items offered. I found lots of cute but also usefull pieces there, and also the sim was very beautiful. Just too much lag, but when i went to visit it some days after the opening I enjoyed my shopping.


… And now the part related to designers! …

Best hair release of the month


The last hairs released are wonderful, i love the curly design, but also the chic charm they have. So finally Lelutka wins with NEU hair and NEW hair!

Best accessories of the month

Swallow and Pure Poison!

Since there are many many under categories in this big one, I’ve decided to choose two winners. Swallow for the “Cameo Gold set“, a bautiful mesh pearls parure, and Pure Poison, for the “Cloe Clutch“, a crazy clutch that i really enjoyed to wear.

Best shoes of the month

Chic Zafari!

This is definetely one of my favourite pieces ever: [ChicZafari] – Charol Ultra Stilletos bow. Those shoes are trendy, chic, sexy, special, intriguing! I also very appreciated the variety of colors and materials in which they have been released.

Best formal gown of the month

Pure Poison!

Yes, this month PP wins twice, thanks to its last stunning releases. Well, the Pure Poison – Beatrice Serendipity Gown is just amazing! It has been created as formal gown at MVW of Bea. The Haute Couture design makes it a MUST have.

Best Casual Piece of the month


Lots of new casual releases this month, but one that i want to reward absolutely is the GizzA – Spiky Fur, in black or white. It’s amazing, I love that you can use just the fur or both the fur and the top. Thank you Giz for creating this versatile item!



close up season





[ChicZafari] – Charol Ultra Stilletos bow


PURE POISON – Cloe Clutch / GIZZA – Spiky fur


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