Black, white and Finesmith.




Necklace, collar, earrings and bracelet. Taxi for the Mainstore!

Pose by Posesion! New nail set..check it!


A LIMITED SALE is also going on in Finesmith store…*SAINT PINK SET*

Click here to see the vendor

Grab it as soon as you can! 🙂


Finesmith is looking for the MUSE!

Who is she?

“One that is full of inspiration and is an inspiration.
One that has elevated style into an artform
One who’s ways are novel and innovative.
One who is able to wear the title and can rise above our imaginations as Muse 2014.
One who is born this way.”

You will find the notecard to apply with all the info about the contest in the mainstore, by clicking on the Finesmith Muse AD..near the entrance. Now is running the 4th week, only two other muses to find!

Check the flickr group, to admire all the beautiful works done by the contestants.


Astralia - water

This picture of me is by the lovely Rabia Baxton.

I’m wearing…

FINESMITH Bali gown White
FINESMITH- Riri Inspiration cape
.:EMO-tions:. * AQUARIA*/darkred


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