GACHA LOVE and SWALLOW (Slink) hud


The new GACHA round has started and.. I already bought a lot of things and I have also spent all my money (as you will see from my screenshoots of the tutorial)! No, I’m not a good example for children. AHAHA!

One day i would love to blog for this event and i hope to have this opportunity in the future, but for now check this items i won yesterday (:

HAT: LaGyo_Hilda headpiece 1 RARE (It’s so cute..isn’t it? *w*)
SUNGLASSES: PIDIDDLE – Bottle Cap Shades – Glam
HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair – Pancake (I tinted them a bit, because after purchasing 5 trying to find a reddish color i was desperate LOL)


Here there is the link of the shopping guide! For all further info check the official web-site.

With the arcade prizes I worn also:

DRESS: ::HH:: Hucci Rensselaer Dress – Pink Floral
SHOES: [DDL] I Told You So (Yellow) –>you can wear them With or Without the socks and they are..simply WOW ❤
CLUTCH: welldone.atelier /  Clutch / yellow
LIPSTICK: Swallow Surrealist Lipstick

My skin is from Swallow and it’s Anja in Porcelain tone.



Today Lucia send me the preview of the SLINK hud for Swallow skin. I’m so excited about that!

It will be released soon!


So I’ve decided to write a short tutorial about the SWALLOW Slink HUD for hands, but the process is the same also for other brands’ huds. I hope it can be of any help for everyone ❤

First step: Go into your Slink hands folder. Check if you have the updated hands version. They are compatible with the hud if are called “Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand” (for example: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1) [image]
Don’t be scared if you don’t have them, you can get a new pair for free just going to Slink Main-store and ask for a redelivery of your hands pack. [image]

Second step: Now that you have the updated version of your hands in inventory rezz and open the pack. [image] You will find a new folder in inventory [image].

Third step: Wear the hands of your size (don’t forget to wear also the alpha). They must be exactly the same as follow for a perfect result! [image]

Body Fat: 0
Torso Muscle: 21

Body Fat: 5
Torso Muscle: 31

Body Fat: 7
Torso Muscle: 35

Body Fat: 11
Torso Muscle: 38

Body Fat: 24
Torso Muscle: 48

Fourth step: wear the “SWALLOW HUD” of your skin tone and click on it. The color of your hands will change immediately! [image]

In local chat you’ll see (I wear porcelain tone):
[10:08] Swallow Porcelain (B): Initialising, please wait…
[10:08] Swallow Porcelain (B): Initialisation complete – ready for action!
[10:09] Swallow Porcelain (B): Applying Swallow Porcelain (B)

And now your hands color is perfect! No more stress to match the skin 😀


Let’s now discover the others huds in the slink folder!

Slink Avatar Enhancement System – Main Nails Visibility

You can decide what size of nail you want to wear (short, medium, long or pointed) but also hide the nails by clicking of the OFF button. This is very useful when you decide to wear nails from a compatible Slink nails hud, now sold in a lot of stores!

Slink Avatar Enhancements (WEAR ME)

When you wear this hud is to have further information about this slink’s product. By clicking the hud you will reach this web page where you can find some info about your new hands!

Slink Avatar Enhancement – Basic Fingernails

This hud allow you to change the preset nails colors. Click on the color you want to transfer it on your nails.

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